Kani Botanicals: Galaxy Milk Illuminating Beauty Oil

Pretty much the most beautiful oil that I have ever seen. I only needed 2 drops and I was able to strobe my entire face! I still had some left over too! If you have completely oily skin; you may not like this because you’ll probably feel like a greaseball instead of a disco ball

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Los Angeles Pricing

My prices are as follows: Makeup $45 Cosplay Makeup $50+ Each additional half hour (if staying on set) $15 Men’s Makeup/Grooming $30 All products I use are cruelty free. Family and Friends discount available. I accept credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. Email me at TheMakeupGladiator@outlook.com

Natalia Drake Set: Uncharted Genderbend Cosplay

Here are the photos from my set with Blue Adept Photography! I am dressed as a genderbend version of Nathan Drake which I like to call Natalia Drake. (At the bottom of my post I tell you how to make your clothing look filthy just like me!) If you want to look super filthy but

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My Cruelty-Free Stance

The majority of you that know me personally and professionally know that I eat vegan. You also know that I am a cruelty-free makeup artist and don’t use any brand that sells in countries here animal testing is required. I do, however, use brand who’s parent companies aren’t cruelty-free. Some people disagree with my views.

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Revamped Blog!

Most of you who’ve been following me for a while are used to my old blog. I just switched over to WordPress because it offers me more customization options. I’ll post more content here and update as often as possible. My YouTube has been on hiatus lately. I have some new content in the works

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