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Joah has released some new items and I want to talk about the ones that I purchased. I bought the new Love You Matcha Green Tea Micellar Water, Lash Up Rising Mascara in waterproof, and the new Instant Prime Activator.

Let’s talk about the primer first because that Instant Prime Activator worked great for me!


Instant Prime Activator is a new hydrating and brightening primer from Joah. The formula feels different than their original Selfie Ready Hydrating Primer which honestly felt a little more like plain water without the primer. This formula is a little thicker and I feel like it holds more moisture in than the original. Now I wouldn’t say my skin actually looks any brighter but I will say it feel less dry. I have been wearing it under my Covergirl Full Spectrum Foundation which is very matte and usually leaves me feeling super dry (but flawless) but this primer has really relieved the tightness I used to feel. There is also no flaking which is another side effect of my super dry skin mixed with matte foundation. I also really like the fact that it doesn’t have me looking super greasy at the end of the day. I highly suggest this primer to anyone who has dry skin.


Next I want to talk about this new Lash Up Rising mascara from Joah because it is the hardest mascara I have ever tried to remove from my lashes since Too Faced made a waterproof Better Than Sex. Seriously. This is some tough waterproof mascara. Of course it does come in non-waterproof but I wanted to test out their micellar water too!

So this mascara claims it will lengthen and volumize. Even in the pictures the lashes look nice and voluminous. The brush is also hourglass shaped like yet another super popular mascara that I just mentioned.


You will get length and you will get volume but its a struggle. I am not sure if I just got a derpy one or what because everyone seems to be a fan of Joah mascara except for me. It simply takes way too long to build your lashes. Coat after coat and it still looks like I barely put any on. Now it does hold a curl really well and the waterproof version is a beast to remove but this mascara is meant for folks who just want some definition to their lashes. It is honestly not bad but it isn’t for me.

The Matcha Green Tea Micellar Water is kind of a cool idea but you can’t really expect any magical anti-aging effects. I wouldn’t say it noticeably soothed my skin either. Now what it did do wash remove all the makeup from the heavy-glam look I had on my face.

IT DID NOT REMOVE MY MASCARA! YES! It wouldn’t remove the Lash Up Rising mascara that I had bought with it. I was really upset. I even let my soaked cotton round sit on my lashes for a bit and the mascara wasn’t even slightly loosened. I mean you would think it could remove it’s own company’s product.

Look… it works but if you are wearing waterproof then you are screwed. Have fun using oil to try and breakdown your mascara.

The only item I am excited about is the primer. It is my new favorite drugstore hydrating primer. I plan to purchase more of it in the future when it runs out.

If you plan on trying any of these items for yourself just remember its my option. I just have better products already like that Covergirl Exhibitionist Uncensored mascara and the MD Complete cleanser that I love.

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