GSQ By Glamsquad: Micellar Wipes and Teardrop Blenders

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Recently I purchased the GSQ by Glamsquad Micellar Makeup Removing Wipes and Teardrop Blenders. Today I finally tested them out. Both items are exclusively available at CVS. I couldn’t find any information about these items being cruelty free or not since it’s so new. The original Glamsquad products are apparently cruelty free according to their website.

First let’s talk about the blenders because I find them weird. I can see how the shape would allow me to bake under my eyes or apply foundation to smaller parts of my face easier and that’s what attracted me to them in the first place. I tried them both wet and dry; I am not a fan.

Whatever these blenders are made of is so dense, even when wetted, that it’s difficult to hold in a flat position without getting makeup on your long nails or hand. If you try to “taco” hold it the blend on liquid or powder products comes out patchy. These look cool but just save yourself some time and skip it. This pack of two retails for $6.49

Let’s talk about these Micellar wipes real quick because I am honestly returning them. I am not returning them because they are bad but because my eyes can’t handle it.

I have eyes that don’t like mascara with fibers and certain pigments in shadows make them tear. They aren’t overly sensitive at all and it’s a random occurrence if I have an allergic reaction.

With that being said… whatever cucumber scented fragrance is in these wipes burned my eyes so bad. There was stinging and it was uncomfortable till I washed my eyes out. My eyes were super red afterwards.

The wipe worked wonderfully on the rest of my face removing my full coverage makeup with very little effort. The texture on the cloth helped loosen up the more difficult makeup to remove like waterproof eyeliner and lipstick. Each cloth has a decent thickness too and you don’t have to worry about ripping them if you have stubborn makeup on. Mascara was a little difficult to remove fully but it’s not a big complaint of mine since I wash my face thoroughly in the shower twice after.

Yes I am a wipe-double-cleanse kind of gal. 

GSQ Micellar Makeup Remover wipes come in a pack of 25 sheets for $6.99 and it’s the same price for the fragrance-free version. I was entertaining the idea of buying the fragrance-free version but I am too scared to have my eyes burned out again from some other mysterious ingredient.

If you’ve never experienced allergic reactions or irritation from makeup wipes them give these a try. Maybe they’ll be your new favorite wipe meanwhile I’ll just be over here using E.L.F..

There are some other interesting looking products from GSQ but I am going to leave them be including the hair care line.

I hope more info about their cruelty free status surfaces. I couldn’t even find a contact email on their website. I am hoping they share the CVS stance on animal testing but I won’t hold my breath. Honestly I just bought them because I had a 30% off coupon but it was a waste because now I am returning them.

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