*NEW* Joah: First Impressions

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Joah Beauty is exclusive to CVS and some new products hit the shelf that I had to try. I picked up one of the new eyeshadow palettes called “After Hours” and their new ColorSquad Cream Lipstick in the shade “Power Move”. I also purchased a few of their other products like the I’m So Fly Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner and the “Unveiled” eyeshadow palette.

Let’s talk about the eyeshadow palettes first…

The Unveiled palette (left) isn’t new. There are no matte shades in this palette either. It’s all glittery browns.

The After Hours palette (right) is the new one. It has deeper shades in it and looks like it’s meant to be a smokey eye palette with just one matte shade.

Both of these palettes are not very pigmented but at $8.99 you can’t complain too much. You just have to use more of it. The shade “Last Call” in the After Hours palette looks like this deep metallic purple but when you attempt to put it on it looks muted. This color really needs to be built up and probably worn on top of a brightening eyeshadow primer. I also find that the glittery shades in the Unveiled palette don’t stay glittery for very long. However these shadows do blend very nicely, the color pan is a good size, and you can do multiple looks with each.

These eyeshadow palettes would be great for beginners or people that have too heavy of a hand when it comes to makeup.

Moving on now to the I’m So Fly Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner which was just a complete disappointment to me.


The felt tip is so hard that you can hardly apply it yet on the website it says you can press down harder for a bolder line. First of all… you’d poke out your own damn eye before you got a good line. It is buildable and you can get a nice dark line after a few swipes but you can’t make a good cat eye. The tip gets frayed too easily but the rest of it is rock hard. I don’t how this has a 4.5 star rating on the Joah website but CVS rates it 1 star. $7.99 is a silly price to pay just to struggle.

This entire post so far has sounded so negative but I saved the best product for last!

JOAH ColorSquad Cream Lipstick The ColorSquad Cream Lipstick is actually really good. It’s $5.99 and features a moisturizing finish with argan oil. There are 20 shades to choose from too. You do have to wear a lipliner with this because it may feather, slowly, but don’t expect to be perfect at the end of your shift at work. Also the packaging is so-so. It has bee floating around in my purse for a few days and already some of the gold has worn off.

Joah honestly is a good brand and I am a fan but I struck out on most of these products this time.

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