Wet N Wild: No Longer Cruelty-Free

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Here it is folks…

This is the official statement that Wet N Wild posted on their Instagram story.

I suggest going on Instagram and watching Logical Harmony’s IGTV video. She breaks it down really easy.

Wet N Wild was still telling people they don’t sell in China as of this morning.

There are ways to skip the premarket animal testing but they isn’t a way to skip the post market animal testing just like Logical Harmony says.

I am really disappointed. They were my favorite affordable cruelty-free brand that actually had foundation that matched me. Like I said in a previous post…

I’ll use what I have left but I’ll no longer be buying Wet N Wild products.

Now with all that said some of you may wonder why they still have the PETA bunny on the package. PETA only requires they company to sign a pledge saying they won’t test on animals. Cruelty-Free International is a lot more trustworthy.

There you have it. It’s a damn shame.

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