Wet N Wild In China: What’s Happening Right Now

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Cruelty-Free Kitty broke the news yesterday that Wet N Wild has been seen in mainland China. You can read her blog post here

There are pictures of a full display in Watsons. She says her sources took the pictures for her. She details the location of the store.

Logical Harmony is reaching out to Wet N Wild to find out what’s going on. I am sure she will be posting a video soon. Many other cruelty-free bloggers are reaching out as well.

China has a large fakes market from clothing to cosmetics so it’s possible these cosmetics could be a fake but highly unlikely because they don’t have a high price point.

Honestly that’s the sum of all the Wet N Wild drama going on right now. I am sure within the week we will have answers.

I am hoping that this is just some 3rd party finding a way to distribute but the beauty community is very upset. Wet N Wild is one of the most trusted and affordable cruelty-free makeup brands. It’s a damn shame. I use their foundation.

Until I find out what’s going on… I won’t purchase anymore Wet N Wild products. I’ll use up the last bit of my concealer, foundation, highlighter, and blush then throw it out. There is no reason to throw out something I’ve already spent the money on.

As soon as I hear something I’ll share my knowledge.

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