March Empties!

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2 Empties this month!!

I’ve been absolutely loving this Covergirl TruBlend Pressed Powder in L1•2•3 Translucent Fair. This is the lightest one. Clearly you can see I’ve worn it down to the dreaded last ring. A powder compact lasts me little over a month. I use it to set my foundation mainly. It’s not a foundation powder but it can be used to set and touch up. On my off days, when I am not wearing much makeup, I’ll use it to just even out my skin and absorb oil. This powder retails for about $10.49 but there is usually a manufacturer coupon you can scrounge up from somewhere.

The second item I’ve emptied is my Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation. I honestly used to dislike it because it would make me breakout but at $5.99 it was the most affordable vegan foundation at the drugstore. Best looking too. So after I used it the first few times, started getting acne, I decided to return it. It wasn’t till months later when I couldn’t afford my Kat Von D that I decided to try it again. This time it didn’t make me breakout. I think that maybe my first bottle was defective somehow. Now I use it everyday for work with my LA Girl Pro Prep Color Correcting Primer in Cool Pink (Brightening) and it lasts my entire shift. I rarely need to touch up and it looks like skin but with good coverage.

Those are my empties for the month. Now I need to go buy more powder or my face will crease!

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