Empties: Dec 2018

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I feel it’s important for me to highlight the products I’ve used every last drop of and loved so much that I’ll repurchase. It’s rare that I find a product that tickles my fancy since I am so darn picky.

First thing in my list is the Trader Joe’s Organic Argan Oil.

I rub this mainly into my hair to seal in any moisture. I’ll rub it into my elbows, feet, and cuticles too. Only recently have I started using it as a makeup remover and I am so glad I did. It was purely because I had run out of my regular wipes but needed to get my full face of work makeup off. Honestly I’ve noticed a real difference in my skin since I started using it to make off my makeup. My skin is brighter and healthier looking. I don’t feel dry and the oil doesn’t sit on my face making it feel heavy. This argan oil is $6.99 and a must-buy with multiple uses. Vegan as well.

I’ve finished yet another tube of Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus. It is my favorite drugstore mascara. The wand shape and the formula really works for me. It helps me build the volume I want that some prestige brands sometimes don’t deliver. Oh it’s vegan too! $4.99 at most drugstores.

I need another tube of Wet N Wild Photofocus Matte Primer. It helps keep me most through most of my work day without drying out my skin. Also you get a very nice amount of product in the package. It also doesn’t clog my pores. Vegan and $4.99 at drugstores.

Finally there is my favorite eyeliner…

Suavecita’s Felt Tip Eyeliner is cruelty-free, vegan, and waterproof. It last for months of daily use. You have to order it online or you can purchase it from one of the events they go too. It is the best deal at $12.

Those are my empties for this month and I highly suggest all these products. Especially the eyeliner.

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