LA Colors Holiday Giftsets: Eyeshadow

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Today I cracked open this new LA Colors Nude Eyes palette. It retails for $4.99 and is only in CVS stores. LA Colors is cruelty free according to their website.

I have to say that the picture online looks nothing like the actual product in person. Also the packaging is really cheap. There is nothing special about it and the part that really gets me is that this is supposed to be a gift.

The eyeshadows look like they are sitting in some cardboard inside of a tin on the website but in real life it’s plastic. It’s little color pans sitting in plastic and you can see the bottom of the tin.

Upon first glance; the color selection looks great. It looks like a small but comprehensive version of a warm red palette. Plenty of brown for creases and some metallic for shine.

The product isn’t nearly as pigmented as it would appear. You really have to work to build the color. I couldn’t even get some of the colors out of the color pan. It was a real struggle that I was not prepared for this morning while I was getting ready.

I had to use a very dense shadow brush to get enough product out of the color pan. It really shouldn’t be that difficult. I tried using my regular crease brush and I could barely get anything on the brush. My brush has light colored bristles too. Any product picked up would’ve been seen.

The color I did finally manage to pick up on the brush started to fall off. Lots of fallout on the shiny metallic shadows. It would’ve been nice to have an eyeshadow shield at the time.

Now I know this has been very negative so far so I’d like to highlight the good things about the product…

  • Affordable at $4.99 for 24 eyeshadow colors
  • Light pigmentation means less mistakes for those who are novice skill level
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Natural Eyeshadow color selection means there is a look for any time of day

This palette really wouldn’t make a good gift but as something you buy for yourself to practice with… well then it would be okay. If you gave this to someone they might feel like they weren’t even worth bare minimum drugstore quality of Wet N Wild (they have such good blend-able shadows too!). I am really not trying to be a makeup snob but it’s just not up to par.

There is better makeup out there.

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