K-Beauty Inspired Drugstore Wipes

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Everyone is on the Korean Beauty trend train right now… including myself! Why though? Simply because the products work well and fit within a budget.

The latest thing that I have fallen in love with are these makeup remover and cleansing wipes from CVS Pharmacy.

There are a few different kinds. I’ve tried these two and the Panda wipes.

I’ve find they clean off the majority of my makeup with just one wipe. Mascara is still a bit of a struggle however but it usually is so you can’t judge on just that alone. There is a few more wipes…

They are all $2.99 except for this Narwhal wipe. For some reason it’s listed as $6.99 online which is a rather atrocious price for just 25 wipes.

Right now if you order online you get 25% off with a CVS card on all of them except Narwhal.

These wipes are made in Korea and have cute little animals on them.

Now here is the nitty gritty question: Are they cruelty free?

The answer is yes according to the press release I found on the internet…

… it was on the CVS website.

So it appears safe to me! The more money I can save and still be ethical just gets me closer to my new motorcycle.

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