Transformer Barricade: Part 1

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I’ve finally begun the process of turning my new Mustang into Barricade from Transformers with my own little twist.

I will not be painting it the Police colors because I don’t want to deal with the grief that will cause me.

Instead I’ll be adding louvers, emblems, new spoiler, and decals to the outside of the car. The final step will be new rims and then I will start customizing the interior.

Today I removed the original Mustang emblem and installed the new Decepticon emblem.

After I installed it; I realized that there are still two holes on either side. My boyfriend had a great idea to put just a metal stud on top but the problem is the holes are not in the same place. One is close to the emblem and one is farther away. If I put studs it will look odd to say the least. I have to 3D print a shape to make it look even but it also has to look sophisticated enough to fit with the theme and belong. I’ll have to spend some time at the drawing board.

I also had time so lay down and eventually install the rear window louver.

The videos online state it will take 20 minutes and it does not! Once I cleaned the window throughly and then screwed in the fasteners there was a moment where I realized it’s not quite the perfect fit. It is super close but because it hasn’t been exposed to heat and shaped there was a problem. Leave it to my Dad, who is an engineer, to come up with a solution.

He got out the heat gun and applied weights after we positioned the louver in the center. The louver settled and we were able to apply adhesive, remove the backing, and lay it down.

I can’t wait to see it tomorrow morning.

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