Experiments In K-Beauty: Peach Slices Lip Mask

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I get this question on the daily…

“Are there any cruelty-free K-beauty brands?”

Yes. Peach Slices, which is sold at CVS, is cruelty-free. I actually sent an email to the company to ask them about it. I wish I still had a copy of the email.

So tonight I gave the lip mask another chance…

It’s almost $3 and my lips have been super dry lately because of this heat wave in LA.

It’s a jelly one-time use mask in the shape of some gigantic lips. You put it on and it sort of just adheres to your face on its own. Of course you can’t talk with the thing on. You just need to sit and let the mask work.

Now I have tried this before and I didn’t care much for it. I felt like it didn’t make a difference the first time but I have been so desperate with these dry lips that I gave it another chance.

It still doesn’t work.

The mask is supposed to provide extra hydration and make your lips kissable.

Honestly… all it did was make them sticky. I didn’t feel anymore hydrated. This mask felt really weird on the lips too. Like you were putting the thinnest sheet of peach jello on your lips.

However some people do totally swear by and love this mask so it’s kind of hard to say it’s completely awful. You really have to try this one for yourself. Maybe I am just hopelessly dry from the weather that it’s beyond the power of the mask. I have no idea.

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