Experiments In K-Beauty: Coffee Mask

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I picked up this tissue mask on clearance. I was super interested after I had picked it up and found out it was cruelty-free. My biggest concern is puffiness and hydration so naturally this spoke to me. I ended up paying just over $3 for it.

It is honestly your typical tissue mask. I didn’t feel anything super amazing happening when I put it on. No tingling. Just the super intense smell of coffee which is perfectly fine to me. I do enjoy my cups of black coffee in the morning.

There was so much jelly left in the package after I took the mask out that I rubbed it all over my neck too.

I don’t feel anymore hydrated or firm or less puffy. I kind of feel like I just spent my money on a wet piece of paper. No wonder it’s on clearance.

If you want to try a mask from this brand then I suggest the Charcoal Bubble Tissue Mask. My skin felt amazing after and I looked so weird using it with it bubbling up on my face that I freaked out my boyfriend. Total bonus.

Try at your own risk.

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