First Thoughts: Clionadh Cosmetics Highlighters

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Awhile back I went to a Sparkle & Glam Soirée and had a great time with my friend. I’ve finally started playing with some of the goodies from that event like these really beautiful highlighters:

“Cermait” is the light shade on the left. “Vesta” is the rose gold shade on the top right in the picture above.

I had never heard of this company before now but I am in love with these highlighters now.

Cliondah Cosmetics is based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Everything on their website is listed in Canadian dollars of course. They are cruelty-free and list in the details section what is vegan too. Their tag line “A touch of divinity” is really cute too.

“Cermait” is apparently named after the Irish God of literature (according to the website) and is vegan, talc and paraben free.

“Vesta” is named after a virgin goddess of hearth, home, and family (according to the website). It is described as a peach tone and isn’t intended for use on the lips but apparently can be used on the eyes and face. It too is vegan and cruelty-free.

Both shades retail for $16 CAD.

The colors are really packed into the pans so I suggest a medium density brush because a fan brush won’t pick up anything.

If you use a setting spray then your highlight will last the majority of the day.

On the eyes I suggest patting on color with your finger for the most impact.

Anyone can see my highlight from space and probably Google Earth!

Vesta (left), Cermait (right)

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