Natalia Drake Set: Uncharted Genderbend Cosplay

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Here are the photos from my set with Blue Adept Photography! I am dressed as a genderbend version of Nathan Drake which I like to call Natalia Drake.

(At the bottom of my post I tell you how to make your clothing look filthy just like me!)


If you want to look super filthy but smell fantastic you have two options…

  1. Crushed Oreos + Water = Cookie Scented Mud
    Crush some oreos and make sure to have your water bottle on hand as well as something to mix it in. Make sure you take the cream filling out before you crush them! Put the crushed oreos in the mixing dish and add water little by little till the desired muddy consistency is reached. You can then use your hands or a brush and rub it all over your costume or clothing. The mixture will go on like a paste and dry.
  2. Cocoa Powder “Sand”
    You can take plan old cocoa powder and rub it all over you or mix it with water then rub it on. If the cocoa powder is dry then it appears as a lighter more sand like color in your photos. If the cocoa powder was wet when you applied it then it can come out a bit darker.

The difference between the two is very much. I find the oreo mixture lasts longer and smells great for several hours. The cocoa powder doesn’t last as long and will rub off sooner making it great for a short photoshoot.

Both options will wash out of your clothes or costume easily so you don’t have to worry about stains. If you get some of it on another person they don’t have to worry either.

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